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Blow up everyone and strengthen your tank in this io game by Bearded Games!

Blow up everything, smash others, collect stars, make combos to boost up your tank upgrade in game by Bearded Games!


Starting the game...

How to play?

The main objective in Tanksrush io is to become the leader in the number of points earned. In order to successfully compete on the ground, you need a good pump regardless of the type of tank you choose. For this you need to collect stars and remaining after the death of one of the players fighting crosses. But the most points given for the destruction of tanks of the opponent. It does not, however, to neglect no stars, no picking up of crosses, as long as you're not pumped, you will not be able to provide decent competition to those who are already pumped to full. In each level you will have to slightly change the look of the machine and improve the base of the bullet plus the second and third level, you'll get all the combat skills of your tank.

Bomber tank:

Berserker -the damage is increased by 1.2 and protection for 1.5, is valid for 6 seconds

Stun shot - fires projectiles that stun the enemy for 3 seconds. lasts for 3 seconds

Seeker - shoots homing rockets. Valid 6 seconds

Lazer tank

Impulse - produces a powerful pulse of energy from the tank that deals 50 damage to surrounding enemies

Rebound - deals 5 damage to nearby targets. Lasts 15 seconds

Oneness - creates an energy funnel, which slow enemies and deal them 20 damage for 4 seconds. lasts for 5 seconds

MGun tank

rust - shoots corrosive bullets that inflict 20 damage over 3 seconds. Lasts 10 seconds

Stealth - your tank becomes invulnerable to certain types of skills. Lasts 10 seconds

Boost - increases speed by 2 times, and gives you 100% armor. Lasts 4 seconds

Move: W, A, S, D or arrows
Look: Mouse
Attack: Click
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